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What Is A Sober Escort?


A New York Sober Escort is a specialist who travels with anyone who must arrive at his or her destination free from alcohol and drugs. Typically, clients call on a Sober Escort to transport someone to and from detox, residential treatment for substance abuse, and sober living facilities.

Sober client transportion services are provided by a Traveling Sober Escort. For some obvious reasons (and some not so obvious), transportation can be a huge hurdle in the life of a newly abstinent person. Whether the client is interested in maintaining an ongoing recovery or just needs to stay abstinent for a period of time, getting from A to B can be a real hassle.

We are called upon by parents to transport adolescents from their home or detox directly to a residential treatment facility. Often, the parents of a recovering teen have their hands full - there's no time left to take a trip across the country to ensure their son or daughter makes it safely to a healing environment.

In such cases, NY Sober Champion can provide any level of assistance you require:

  • Door-to-door service with one Sober Escort for a willing client.
  • Medically supervised, cross-country transport (we have registered nurses, nurse practitioners, and a Medical Doctor on-call for such cases).
  • Team Sober Escort for unwilling or potentially violent clients.

NY Sober Champion performs client transportation across town, across the state and across the country.

We help people get from their homes on the East Coast to treatment centers on the West Coast and vice versa.

We safely transport a client to and from business meetings, attorney visits, medical & therapeutic appointments, social functions...even from the jailhouse to the halfway house.

Some clients like to think of their Sober Escort as a real go-to person - we are happy to fill that role.

  • Ensuring the environment is drug-free for the client is one key element of the Sober Escort role - this inlcudes hotel rooms, private or commercial airplane cabins, buses, trains, trailers, personal vehicles, etc.
  • Those resistant to remaining abstinent from drugs and/or alcohol benefit greatly from the presence of a constant companion who simply will not allow a relapse.
  • Recovering alcoholics and addicts often have their driving privileges suspended or revoked. A Sober Escort is a safe and secure way for such folks to get where they need to go without having to explain anything to anyone.
  • Your Sober Escort can often accompany you to places beyond where a regular driver or other transporter will go. If you need more intensive, time-consuming service, think about engaging the services of a Sober Companion.

For more detailed information on post-treatment recovery services available from experienced, discreet professionals, please visit the Sober Champion main website.

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